Bubbles for Isabelle 2012-2013 is teaming up with Love without Boundaries to sponsor children, orphans and provide orphanage assistance to the rural, very poor regions of China.

Bubbles for Isabelle is a vehicle for Richard, myself and our children to honor sweet Isabelle every year, commencing on her birthday.  Some years may be grand in scale, some years may be small – but in every case, it comes from our heart.  The way I see it, is that we are carrying out the good in the world that she would have done should she have been given the chance.  And because we are small scale in administration (but not in drive!), we can achieve so much more by taking the hand of a larger, registered 501-C3 who can conduct due diligence on the recipients of our donations & gifts, can provide you tax benefit forms, and can help to ensure that all of our contributions are being put to use as we wish.  This is where Bubbles for Isabelle comes together with Love Without Boundaries.

Love Without Boundaries is nothing short of an amazing organization, made up of driven people with hearts of gold.  They navigate the changing waters of Chinese regulation as it relates to the well-being and enrichment of the abandoned, impoverished and orphaned children of rural China, they have trusted people on site in China to account that the funds and services are carried out, and they provide an incredible service as a liaison to all of us who want to help.  And because it is led and managed mostly pro bono, an amazing $.90 to every $1 is used for its intended philanthropic purpose.  They are excited to work with Bubbles for Isabelle and have been wonderful to work with as we’ve come up with an exciting year of initiatives.

While we are committed to a year full of initiatives, I know some of you may want to contribute to our goals (Hi Dad!) because of your support for us, your love for Isabelle, or just because you're awesome.  Whatever it is that calls you to our cause, you may make a donation below.  You'll received a tax benefit form and a (swollen) heartfelt thank you from us.  Thanks for visiting and keep us with us.