Tuesday, December 11, 2012

For which we're thankful

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I've been trying to think of a way to share some of the touching, incredible acts of kindness that have been bestowed onto us in the wake of losing Isabelle as they have been so integral in our coping over the past year and a half. But unfortunately I find myself muted in awe.

As I've read through the poems, the letters, the emails, the messages...  As I've admired the artwork, touched the jewelry, held the blankets to my cheek, and glance daily at many other gifts of support and love - I realize there is nothing I can do to give back what you've given to us.  To all of you who have sent us supporting words and loving gifts, or who have participated in our Bubbles for Isabelle philanthropy, please know that your support is among our most treasured blessings.

Thank you.

I really don't think anyone can survive the loss of a child alone; you may never know the profound impact you've had on our healing.  You have shared in our grief, and you have shared in our joys...in the end, that is what life is all about.

This was sent to me during my darkest days and I cling to it:

"They say that time in heaven is compared to 'the blink of an eye' for us on this earth. Sometimes it helps me to think of my child running ahead of me through a beautiful field of wildflowers and butterflies; so happy and completely caught up in what she is doing that when she looks behind her, I'll already be there."

Author Unknown

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